Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Upon further consideration, maybe my friend may be right. Though we would be throwing in with the liberals if we vote third party, If McCain gets the nomination, we will have a liberal in the whitehouse for at least four years. If he gets elected, we will likely have a liberal in the whitehouse for no less than eight. (Simply because, Even though he is a liberal, he uses the republican name to achieve his agenda. That will have made 12 years of "republicans" in the whitehouse.) So what happens if Obama gets elected. He wrecks the country for 4 years and Conservatives have a good chance of winning it back. (I believe since he is more likable, he will be more efficient at wrecking.) And what about the Clinton's? Well common Hilary is a woman and has to show the world she is tough enough to be president. Besides That would put the Clinton's in the whitehouse for a total of 12 years. It is doubtful the country will go for 16. So my friend may be right.


Bob said...

The problem is if we don't vote party, then who?

Earl Larson said...

I don't know who else is running. I was planning on writing a name in. In which case I can think of a lot of people that I agree with more. But I don't know that they would make good presidents. But then, they aren't likely to be elected either. I just don't trust McCain.