Sunday, January 27, 2008

What to do? What to do?

A couple of my friends have expressed dismay over Fred Thompson dropping out. I like his views the best, but he didn't have the drive. Anyhow, my friends don't like the other candidates. So they are trying to decide if they want to stand up for their beliefs and vote third party, or if they should just vote for the best of the evils. Well they were advised not to throw their votes away. One of them thought well sometimes it's worth it to do the right thing.

To me it is a no-brainer. You don't even have to look at it as throwing your vote away even. If you don't stick with the team that has the best chance of beating the people you definitely don't want elected, then, weather you call it throwing your vote away or not, you are not using your vote in the most effective way you can. As a matter of fact your vote will have had no positive impact at all.

So if you believe that everything other than the truth is a lie, and everything that is not right is wrong, then you must admit that when you are not having a positive impact you are having a negative one. Because the world is moving (like a river) there is no "not having an impact" (if you are treading water you are drifting one way or the other).

So if you want to feel better about yourself, When people ask you who you are going to vote for, tell them you are just throwing your vote away. But if you want to do the right thing ( since that's what this is all about), tell them you are throwing in with the enemy to prove a point.


Bob said...

But the Republican party pays attention to the third parties, and by voting third party you send them a clear message. If I continue to vote the lesser of two evils won't I continue to get substandard candidates.

Earl Larson said...

The likelihood of the party hearing your message is not that great. But then again there still is a more important battle going on. There are more ways of making your point at better times. When you are in a fight with someone, that is not the best time to prove a point to your buddy that he offended you somehow. Just like a soldier doesn't call out his chain of command on something in front of people. He must use tact and timing. I totally agree with you, things need correcting, but fix your timing. The US used the Taliban to fight the Soviet Union, and the USSR went broke fighting them. Hence the USSR fell. The Taliban is our enemy now, and we are fighting that fight now. But if we had not sided with our enemy the USSR would have been even bigger. Just like a football team may have personal issues among themselves but on game day is not the time that they try to resolve them. They fight the first fight first.