Saturday, February 9, 2008

Am I Lazy?

A lot of things lately have been causing me to think that our country is getting lazy. Take the news for example. People sit back and believe anything the mainstream media tells them.
They don't want to take the time to research and find out for themselves. Hence, we have ideas like Global warming being perpetuated by the media and movies. And then when people come back from Iraq and say it's not as bad as the media is portraying the media tell the audience that they're lying or twisting the truth.

But it doesn't stop there. What about Health care and other social services. People everywhere seem to be drawn to the politicians that want to give it away for free as long as they can be in control of it. People see this and say, wow, you give me it free and you manage it for me. This has hints of laziness all through it, including the fact that people are to lazy to look around the world at the countries that have universal healthcare and see how horrible there overall healthcare systems are. Oh, and they are too lazy to do the research to find out what types of governments want to control peoples lives.

More liberal type people in our government seem to want people to be lazy. That way they will be more dependent on the government. They want to give money that they took from the wealthier people that worked hard for it(maybe as a punishment for working hard?) to all these lower income people. So what happened to the single lady I know that was going to school and working a job and just wanted a little assistance with daycare so she could continue to get her degree so she could get a better job so she could stop asking for the government's help? Oh, they told her she would have to quit her job and drop out of school. They told her she needed to be lazy and stop trying to make something of herself if she wanted help.

Now its not all a bad thing. There are a lot of things that we all appreciate that allow us too be lazy(running water, Cars, internet, elevators...). I just think the lazier we are the easier it is to be lazier.


Abbi said...

I think we do have a country that has a problem with laziness. I guess we just need to be good example and hopefully encourage others not to be lazy as well.

Bob said...

We have a government that encourages laziness. We need restoration.