Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stay Out of This!!

There is no doubt in my mind that "The Exalted One" believes he is doing the right things. But mental institutions are full of people that think they are normal. WHY does Obama want to stick the governments nose in things.

We can tell by history that it usually doesn't help to get the government involved in business. Take the banks for example: What happened to the housing market? This was a brainchild of liberals up in DC. They put their nose in and told banks who to give loans to, and what happened. The housing market didn't get any better.

That was such a short time ago, the wound hasn't scabbed over yet, let alone healed or scarred. And "The Exalted One" wants to do it again. We don't need the governments "help".

He wants to increase the fuel economy in vehicles produced in the US. If he thinks that Americans want more fuel efficient cars, he is absolutely right (maybe the only time in his political career). How do I know this? I drive. I like to save money. I know many people who drive and also like to save money.

So why is it so bad that the government prods where it doesn't belong? We can all agree that the economy is not in the best condition. One of the industries I particularly hear about is the automotive industry. To increase their stress will not do them any good. Which will translate into higher prices for the consumer and hence more layoffs by the manufacturers and a worse economy.

So who will take care of the poor consumer? Don't worry, we can hold our own. We have already spoken. The auto manufacturers are just a little slow on the uptake. The reason, other than Unions, these manufacturers are doing poorly is because people don't want to buy their gas guzzling vehicles, when they can go foreign and get style and fuel economy.(Sure there are exceptions such as myself. I like the big trucks) Eventually the Big Three would catch on though. We can take care of ourselves.

People don't want to hear it, but the country needs to look at Wal Mart's example. How do they bring in the profits they do? They don't offer so many benefits. They pay their employees as little as possible. They keep their prices low and depend on volume. If the government would stay out of business' business, hand out less, stop overpaying politicians, and lower taxes this country would be so much better off. Just stay out of the rest of it.