Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You Fool!?

There is something to be said for a man like President Obama. He has done it. He set out to become the president, and he did it.

Who cares what skin color he is. Most Americans don't even recognize race anyway. We were bound to have a black president sometime. As we will probably have a Hispanic and whichever other races you want to throw out there. That isn't the impressive part.

He was bound to beat out Hilary. That isn't so impressive.

He is one of the most "liberal" politicians in America. Now that is impressive. Because, by nature "liberals" just assume that YOU, the American individual, are stupid. They just assume you can't run your own life. What better way to control the masses than to tell us how much you want to help us out, and so you will give us this and that through all these Government programs. Oh and the rich who don't need help from the government? It is a beautiful plan. Tax the life out of them. This will lower them to where they need to depend on the government and as an added bonus their money will help offset the cost of all this. Until of course with the outrageous bill of this the government goes broke and we are lowered to our knees like the once world super power USSR.

One of the big things was the economy. A whole lot of people thought he would make the economy better. Indeed it will get better. I have no doubt. It will get worse also. It always has. It goes up and down. Really, we could have elected a party symbol, a jackass or an elephant, and the economy would have improved. It is inevitable. But he told us what he wanted to do. He wanted to take what belongs to you and fix your problems that are created mostly by the government. It was like he like he said, give me a $100 dollar bill and I will put it in my fist and thrust my fist into my very own pocket and when I pull my fist out and open it, The money will have vanished forever. And the American people were amazed and lined up to follow him like lemmings.

Everyone knew he was a "liberal" and he still won. He called us a bunch of fools to our faces and we elected him. Does that prove he's right? Am I supposed to agree now?