Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Irony of Bush

Do you know the real definition of irony? Don't worry, most people don't. I have only heard it used correctly two or three times in my lifetime. Most people use it as a synonym for coincidence (which really bothers me for some reason). Irony is incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs; or the opposite of an expected outcome. For example: not flying because you don't want to die in a plane crash, then a plane crashes into your house and kills you.

I always knew how much liberals hated Bush. Even now that he is out of office (though it has only been a couple weeks), they go into fits when discussing him. But why?

What are the reasons that people give for hating him? He lied about WMD's in Iraq? He is spending billions on the war? He is killing the economy? He gives his rich friends tax breaks? What else could there be?

Well, lets check this out. No one can prove he lied about WMD's. Just like no one can prove Hilary lied about her shady law firm. No one can prove Ted lied about driving that woman into the river. The libs love people that lie. But maybe it was because Bush didn't lie. How many UN resolutions did Hussein disregard? So the UN basically said we want to see your weapons. Much like a police department telling a known drug dealer they want to see his drug operation. After so many times of them telling him they are coming, do you think they will find any drugs in his house when they get there?

So what about the Billions on the war? Do libs not like spending money to keep people safe? Well, we could not have spent the money without their approval. Maybe they don't like spending tax dollars to kill. Oh wait, they want to spend our tax dollars to kill, but only to fund the slaughter of innocent children?

Oh, the economy, what did he ever do to the economy? When the government gets involved in the economy, it screws it up. Taxing companies 'til they hurt, makes them move over seas. Putting to so many restrictions on companies drives up prices. Requiring banks to make loans to people that can't afford them makes for a really bad housing market. He did give out money that belonged to us in the first place though. Wait, all those are liberal philosophies.

What was Bush thinking not taxing the rich? The rich should not get away without paying excessive taxes, Should they? Oh that's right libs only like people who just don't pay their taxes at all. That could be why "The Exalted One" chose so many tax cheats for his cabinet.

It seems quite apparent to me that the reasons people give for not liking or even hating Bush are that he acts like or failed to stand up against the philosophies of liberals themselves. Now there is real irony.

Look out Obama, your worshipers may be growing brains.

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