Sunday, January 25, 2009

Drink What Kool-aid?

The other day, I was accused, by a liberal of being a Kool-aid drinker. It wasn't actually directed at me, it was directed at all Rush Limbaugh listeners that agree with him.

Those of you that listen to conservative talk radio realize that they have been calling liberals that for years. This because they seem to follow the mainstream media as though they are infallible and believe whatever they say is inspired by GOD himself. I thought it was very funny. It reminded me of the time my wife and I went to her parents house for dinner after she got her hair cut very short for the first time and my young nephew came out of the bathroom totally naked and pointed and said very animatedly, You look ridiculous. We all had to laugh.

So now that "The Exalted One" has been sent down from about to be worshiped and followed by all, the left think we are stupid not to follow "Him". If we keep following Rush Limbaugh (they actually mean our conservative values) then we can't contribute to change. Wow! Really!?

Okay this is perfect opportunity for a rant. First off: You are absolutely right, anyone that is truly American and believes in the American dream and LIBERTY itself, does not want to contribute to this change. Second: If people would take the time and put forth the effort to learn for themselves, instead of just bowing down to "The Exalted One" and the liberal media and believing their every deceitful word, they would recognize that Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Kim Jong Il and so on...all wanted most of the same changes. Third: Come up with something original. You can't use our line.

Next time you can pull your infantile selves away from the teat of the liberal media, please do some research and analyze your beloved "Exalted One's" ideals before you poke your head over the wall of your little compound and point at the rest of us and tell us not to drink the Kool-aid.